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Poker Face – We Learn How to Bluff at Poker Table

When a player first begins to play poker, they must learn the basic principles of bluffing. All other players will be watching each other and trying to glean as much knowledge as possible from the actions and reactions of their opponents. This will help each player to understand the game strategy of their opponents.

Playing poker online differs from playing poker in a casino. You can play poker online for money not having to control your face emotions.

After the latest news about New Jersey launching legal online poker it has now become a lot easier to play online poker US money games.


Tells are actions or reactions that players make when dealt a hand. Inexperienced players are more likely to have involuntary reactions to their cards. They have not yet learned how to mask their reactions.

Pay close attention to how each player places his chips on the table. Each manner of placing the bet can be read differently in poker tournaments. Watch for every player reaction time as they place their bets. Experienced players will do this automatically. They have gained this experience by playing many thousands of hands of poker. Be very aware of the body language of your opponents. Watch for out of character movements, any changes in facial expression. Look directly at the other players to try to unsettle them.

When a player has a tremble in his hand, it is generally thought to represent a strong hand is being held. When other players act forcefully or rapidly, it is usually a sign of weakness. A sudden smile from a player when a card is revealed will normally be seen as a bluff. The player is giving the table a message that he is holding a strong hand and has just improved it with the addition of the new card.

The Poker Face

It is essential, if a player wishes to become an expert poker player, the individual learns to keep an expressionless face at all times. Any show of emotion or sudden movement will be read by the other players and acted on. Therefore, a lot people love to play online poker.

Reverse Tells

Many experienced players will use reverse tells to confuse their opponents. They will not be grandiose gestures but will be small out of character movements that are designed to be observed by the other players.

The River Card Bet

This is the last chance a player has to bluff. If he is confident that he can bluff successfully, then this is the time to do it. When the preceding has placed his bet, you must decide what you reply will be. If the bet was small, you must make a large bet to force them to fold. If it was a large bet, then your best action is to call.

Poker Freerolls

Some of the online casinos are offering poker freerolls. You can participate in freeroll tournaments and win real money without risking anything. All you will have to do is to use their poker download option to get the required software and to install it to your device. 

In our website you can also find common points and poker rules that each and every poker player should know.

Selected Casinos
  • Bodog Bodog Poker
    Bonus: €300, Total: 225%;
    USA players not welcome;
  • Sportsbook Sportsbook
    Bonus: £200, Total: 75%;
    All USA players welcome;