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Burton Poker Club was found to provide poker players with profound and detailed information on poker as well as to conduct poker tournaments for players of different skill level. Each month we hold poker tournaments at Burton where poker fans have fun, commu­nicate and win good money. If you want to become a part of our community, please write to [email protected].
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Popular Poker Variations and Games

Most games have their rules which originated from the country of origin of the game. Sometimes the meaning of the rules may not be easy to explain but they form part of what makes up the game and in order to play the participants are expected to abide by the rules that govern the manner in which the game is played as well as the meaning of every move or even symbol that may be involved in the game. Poker variations are some of the standard orders of playing the game that are used to determine the type and nature of the game that is played.

Poker TypesThese variations explain the actual poker game and can be easily noted by giving details on the exact hand values that are used, the betting rounds and the cards which are dealt with. The use of these details in a game are what brings out the difference in the type of the prevailing game. Regardless the difference in gambling rules, there are three major poker variations that are commonly played all over the world and upon which most of other poker variations are based. Their use cuts across the games played in casinos or any other place including the internet.

Draw and Stud Poker Game Variation

The use of the variation of the “Draw poker” is applied in the game where players deal with a complete hand hidden. The players improve hands by replacing the cards with the most common being the Five Card Draw. The Stud poker is the game which all players receive an assortment of face up and face down cards in different betting rounds. Among those which are common in this poker variations are the Five Card Stud and the Seven Card Stud which are also played by various poker players around the world.

The third among the most common variations is the community Card poker which is a game that has the combinations of both the Draw poker and the Stud poker. This means that the hand of the player is incompletely hidden and there is the combination of face up cards. Some of the common games that this form of variation can be witnessed include the Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em.

Since poker is a social game that is not necessarily played against a winning prize people have come up with various methods of ensuring that they attain the highest level of enjoyment while playing this game. One of the common methods of achieving this is through the combination of different poker variations in a game. This can be done by playing a single variation in a specific duration of time before switching to another as the players so please. Such example is when players agree to play the Texas Hold’em for half an hour before changing to Seven Card Stud. This is normally done to break the monotony of the game as well as adding a little flavor to the game. Everybody on the table therefore gets the opportunity to play their favorite variation.

Selected Casinos
  • Bodog Bodog Poker
    Bonus: €300, Total: 225%;
    USA players not welcome;
  • Sportsbook Sportsbook
    Bonus: £200, Total: 75%;
    All USA players welcome;