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Burton Poker Club was found to provide poker players with profound and detailed information on poker as well as to conduct poker tournaments for players of different skill level. Each month we hold poker tournaments at Burton where poker fans have fun, commu­nicate and win good money. If you want to become a part of our community, please write to [email protected].
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All About Poker Strategy

The game of poker is very popular today in many parts of the world and this is a game that combines several elements of chance as well as various strategies in order to be successful. There are many variants of the game of poker and all these variants share an objective of presenting the highest scoring hand or least probable hand.

How to Play

Poker StrategyA poker hand consists of 5 cards that are either held by a player or are drawn from a number of shared community cards partly. Players are required to bet on their hands and this is done in rounds while the cards are being drawn and here the players are supposed to employ several intuitives as well as mathematical strategies in order to ensure they are better than their opponents. Poker strategies should be employed each time you play, so keep in mind that there are different forms of poker. The fundamental theorem of the game of poker was introduced by a gentleman by the name David Sklansky and it states that every time a player plays his hand the same way no matter how good or bad it is, other players will never get to know the real situation with you hand and vice versa. For example, a player can implement slow play or bluff in order to deceive other opponents so that they can play at best casino sites in a different manner than they would normally play if they would be able to know your cards.

Pot Odds and Probabilities

The most important concept in any poker strategy is the relationship of winning odds and the pot odds. The odds of the pot are the ratio that represents the poker pot size to the bet size that is required to be placed in order to stay in the game. For instance if a player is supposed to call $10 in order to have a chance of winning $40 pot and this will not include the $10 then the pot odds will be 4:1. In order to have an expectation that is positive then the player’s odds of winning should always be better than the odds of the pot. When the winning odds of a player are 4:1 then this will mean a 20 percent winning chance and this will thereby means that with the break even being the expected return and this is usually losing 4 times as well as winning once when they play 5 times on average when they play a particular pot.

Implied Odds

Implied odds are more complicated concepts although they are also related to the pot odds. Implied odds on any hand are usually based on the expected pot size at the end of a specific hand and not on the money that is currently on the pot. In a case where a player faces an even money scenario and they have a drawing hand that is strong such as a Four Flush they should consider calling an even or a bet opening and this should be based on their odds that are implied and this is usually beneficial in multi way pots because here it is very likely that 1 or more opponents will probably call until showdown.

Selected Casinos
  • Bodog Bodog Poker
    Bonus: €300, Total: 225%;
    USA players not welcome;
  • Sportsbook Sportsbook
    Bonus: £200, Total: 75%;
    All USA players welcome;