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Burton Poker Club was found to provide poker players with profound and detailed information on poker as well as to conduct poker tournaments for players of different skill level. Each month we hold poker tournaments at Burton where poker fans have fun, commu­nicate and win good money. If you want to become a part of our community, please write to [email protected].
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Famous Poker Winners

Every professional poker player dreams that one day he/ she can become the best poker player in the world. For some people, the final prize may come easily, after a short period of time, while others have to wait long in order to get some of the highest prizes. For all those who have won several games or even just a single one they can attest to the fact that the journey is not as smooth as it may seem to be.

Thorny Path to Success

It is only a person who has been in this game who can understand how challenging and crushing it can be. This is due to the fact that it requires one to do a lot of thinking in order to make the right moves and lay strategies that surpass those of the opponents for one to stay ahead of the game. The steadiness of mind and the composure are some of the major contributors to winning a poker game. The ability to stay focused increases the probabilities of emerging victorious.

Poker WinnersPlaying in a tournament is one of the challenging levels of this game and a person who would like to join it, should have maximum preparation bearing in mind that the other gamblers are equally or even more prepared. The amount of money to be won normally varies depending on the organizers of the tournament or the nature and level of the game itself.

For a professional player who has won several prizes the hugeness of the stack may not really matter though it may lean towards the advantage of a player. A person may have a huge stack and several big binds but without studying the game it is possible to lose half of the stack in one hand. By closely watching the moves of the opponent it will be a bit easier to know when he is folding the river.

At the beginning of the game once the opener calls the sailing may seem smooth but this may not stay the same till the end of the game. Due to this reason a poker player has to be in the right psychological state in order to constantly plan on the right bet to make that will bring him/ her to the victory.

Online Poker Gambling

To be a poker winner is no longer restricted to physical playing. The game is open to anyone interested in it since it can be played on the internet as well. There are several people who have won in various tournaments hosted online and received their cash rewards. It should be noted that the opposition that exists in the online poker game is similar to the one played in the traditional casinos.

Whether playing a physical game or against the online rivals endurance and constant evaluation of decisions can make a big difference in a poker tournament or any similar game. To be a winner is a proof that as a poker player your skills are outstanding. This, however, should not be a consolation since everyday there are new tactics developed by the ardent poker players who want to win as well.

Selected Casinos
  • Bodog Bodog Poker
    Bonus: €300, Total: 225%;
    USA players not welcome;
  • Sportsbook Sportsbook
    Bonus: £200, Total: 75%;
    All USA players welcome;